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Boris FX Suite Annual Subscription

CrumplePop — Easy to use, AI-drive audio restoration plugins
Continuum — The world's most complete plugin toolkit
Mocha Pro — Award-winning planar tracking & masking
Optics — Cinematic effects for photos
Sapphire — The essential visual effects suite
Silhouette — Roto, Paint & Compositing
SynthEyes — Fast 3D tracking and matching moving toolset
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The Boris FX Suite is a professional-grade collection of post-production plugins developed by Boris FX. This suite includes several different plugins, each designed to provide specific functions and effects during the video editing and post-production process. The Boris FX Suite is aimed at professional visual effects artists, video editors, animators, and other professionals who need to add advanced visual effects to their projects.

The Boris FX Suite typically includes the following core components:

  1. Sapphire: A set of high-end visual effects plugins for creating stunning light effects, warps, and visual distortions. Sapphire is often used in commercials, film, and television productions.

  2. Continuum: Offers a wide range of visual effects and motion graphics tools, including image restoration, particle effects, simulated 3D objects, and lighting effects.
    CrumplePop:Easy to use, AI-drive audio restoration plugins

  3. Mocha Pro: An award-winning planar tracking and visual effects tool focused on advanced tracking, face replacement, stabilization, screen repairs, and a 3D camera solver.

  4. Silhouette: Specializes in roto, non-destructive paint, effect compositing, and 3D effects creation for visual effects.

  5. Optics: Designed for simulating photographic lenses, filters, and professional light effects suitable for photo editing and color grading.

These components are compatible with several mainstream video editing and post-production software, including:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Foundry's Nuke
  • Vegas Pro
  • Fusion
  • Flame
  • And other professional video editing platforms.

In addition to software compatibility, the Boris FX Suite is also designed to work across different operating systems, primarily supporting Windows and macOS, Linux, ensuring a broad range of users can work in their preferred environment.

The powerful features, high compatibility, and professional-grade effects of the Boris FX Suite make it an indispensable tool in movies, television, commercials, and other multimedia projects.